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This picture shows some of the pastors and leaders who gathered at the recent event in Panama City where Dennis Pethers, the International Pioneer for The Rooftop presented the vision of The Rooftop 2020 Vision and invited Panama to become one of the 100 countries that will join this movement.

The response was very positive, especially as The Rooftop materials are very soon to be available in Spanish, Dennis writes:

“It was so encouraging to speak with so many pastors following the presentation of the vision, repeatedly their comments were: ‘We need this movement in Panama, churches must learn how to reach beyond the walls’. ‘This is God’s perfect timing, we are ready!’ ‘Yes, we long for an awakening and want to part of this movement’.

The visit to Panama is part of a new focus for The Rooftop with future visits being planned to Argentina, El Salvador and Mexico as the movement begins to expand across Latin America.

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