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The Rooftop is a global ministry equipping Christians to join Jesus in his mission by equipping disciples who make disciples. The Rooftop is inspired by Peter’s rooftop encounter with God recorded in Acts 10, which led to the spread of the Gospel ‘beyond the walls’ of the church.

We are organising The Rooftop Global Encounter, the world’s largest Christian gathering to realign the focus from inside the walls of church buildings to God’s work beyond the walls. To achieve this vision we are empowering Christians globally to unite on October 2, 2022 by hosting their own Rooftop Encounter with God, connecting millions at the same time.


National Encounter Announcements

North America

“Throughout history, new technologies have aided the spread of the gospel across air, land and sea. The printing press made it possible for billions to have access to the bible and a vast array of Christian literature, broadcasting opened doors into parts of the world that had previously been unreached.

Now, alongside all of these, the internet is making it possible to communicate and co-operate in ways, and on a scale, that once could never have been imagined.  Now, as Jesus prayed, we can co-operate as one church, on one mission, and make disciples across the whole globe. 

Now is the time!” 

Rev. Dennis Pethers

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