I am Koiwu scott, Married to Anges Scott. I became saved in 1991.
I am a graduate of University of Liberia, where I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration in 2005. I also attended and graduated from the Vision International University and Bible College in 2007 with BTH Degree in Biblical studies.

More about Koiwu

I started ministry works in 1995, while in the refugee camp in the Republic of Guinea. Due to my passion for soul winning, many souls were won to the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of these refugees returned to Liberia and are contributing meaningfully to society and the Kingdom of God.

I started ministries in Liberia since 2004 and up to now. I was ordained in 2007.
I have already been in the mission field. I am part of The Missionary Church International-Liberia Chapter; one of the Visions of this network is to seek and to save the lost. We are also involved into church planting.

However, Liberia is post war country. This nation has been suffered by civil crisis as well as the Ebola epidemics. These crises have left deep negative marks on the youth population of my country such as drug addiction, criminalities, prostitution etc.

Therefore, I am of the strongest conviction that my coming to the Rooftop Global movement for Jesus will also help in reaching out to those war affected population as well as many of the unreached souls in Liberia for Jesus.

Thank God for being part of this great movement for Jesus.
May God be our helper in this process.

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