The Rooftop Kenya

Pioneer: Boniface Ochieng’Ojode
Address: P.O Box 90085-80100, Mombasa, Kenya
Phone: +254704312069

Boniface Ochieng’Ojode

Kenya Pioneer

I am a born again Christian, Married, Teens Pastor, a teacher of the word and Service Moderator at Ushindi Baptist Church Head-Quarters based in Likoni, Mombasa. I am also Chairman of the Young Couples in our church and Secretary General of Likoni Pastors Association.

I am a graduate with Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Philosophy and a diploma in Community Development and Counselling.

During my encounter with Rev Dennis Pethers, the Founder and International Pioneer of The Rooftop in May 2016, I felt challenged that we have a role to play as saved Christians of sharing the Good News with the lost. This includes using many different means to reach those outside the church.

Most churches in our community are used to common methods of evangelism that may not be productive or relevant to some individuals or group of people. We are therefore challenged to be more creative in our approach to reaching the lost.

The things I learned have helped me to reach out to more people than before bearing in mind that our church is located surrounded by a Muslim community who are against the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is by Gods’ Grace that Muslims are now giving their lives to Christ: this includes young people and Muslim leaders.

I give God all the glory and thanks to the Rooftop Ministry that arrived at the appropriate time in response to the challenges we were facing in our evangelistic mission. May God Richly Reverend Dennis for his passion and heart for the lost.

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