The Rooftop United Kingdom

Pioneer: Rev Dennis Pethers
Address: c/o Billericay Baptist Church, 140 Perry Street, Billericay, Essex CM12 0NS, UK
Phone: +44 (0)7823 497289

Rev Dennis Pethers

United Kingdom Pioneer; Founder and International Pioneer, The Rooftop

Rev Dennis Pethers, The Rooftop

I was born and brought up just on the edge of London, England and come from a background where church did not feature at all. I never went to church, my family never went to church and nobody in the street where I lived went to church. I didn’t know that I didn’t go to church—and I didn’t know that I didn’t know Jesus!

I came to know Jesus as a result of my boss giving me the book ‘Mere Christianity’ to read. As I read this book, I discovered a truth that was just staggering, “God doesn’t just exist, He loves me enough to die for me.” This truth blew my mind and grabbed my heart—it seemed too good to be true, ‘the creator of the universe and source of all life being willing to die for people who don’t deserve it!’. But it is true and my life was changed forever.

This encounter with God filled my life with a new passion and I wanted everybody to hear this amazing news about who Jesus was and what he had done for them. Nobody that I knew (except my boss) had any idea of what the gospel was and, I quickly discovered, that most Christians aren’t that keen to share it! This passion grew and I left my work in London and trained for the ministry at Spurgeon’s College in London.

In 1993 I set up Viz-A-Viz Ministries in the UK. I now travel the world seeking to help churches to grasp a vision of God’s heart for the lost. This vision is at the heart of ‘The Rooftop’.

I also have my own website, take a look.

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