Special teaching materials have been devised and written by Dennis Pethers to support the equipping of churches.

The printable materials comprise a group Leader’s Manual and a Personal Journal for group members. There are also video clips available to be used as part of the teaching process.

We provide both a high quality full colour print ready PDF file for download along with a black and white version for situations where full colour printing is not available or there is a need to keep costs down. Files are available in International A4 and US Letter paper size formats.

The Rooftop Leader’s Manual

The Leader’s Manual provides information about The Rooftop process and the scriptural foundation in Acts 10 and 11. It is designed to help the group leader to lead The Rooftop three-step evangelism strategy and to guide the group members through the process.

The Rooftop is a PROCESS not a PROGRAMME.

It is easy to look at the material and think that The Rooftop is a nine-session teaching programme. This however is not the best way to approach this material. The change that is required in many Christians if they are to ‘join Jesus in His mission’ is revolutionary. This is not likely to be accomplished by simply working through the material one-week-at-a-time.

Rather than asking ‘how do we do ‘The Rooftop’ it is more helpful to ask ‘how can these materials help us to be effective as we ‘Join Jesus in His Mission?’

Also included are practical ideas on how to run the sessions and get the best out of the teaching materials.

The Rooftop Leader’s Manual A4 excerpt

Leader's Manual cover image

The Rooftop Personal Journal

The Rooftop Personal Journal is designed to be used by each member of the group including the leader as they work through The Rooftop three-step process and consider and work through the various questions and discussions.

The journal is to be used as a personal record for the group member to ensure that they remember and can look back to remind themselves of what God was telling them during the process of ‘Joining Jesus in His Mission’

The Rooftop Personal Journal A4 excerpt

Personal Journal cover image

Video Teaching Resources

We have eight video clips for each of the three-step process stages. These are to be used as part of the process. These are approximately 2 minutes long and fit in with the teaching materials. An example from the Expand step can be viewed here.

Once a church has registered for The Rooftop, they will be provided with  details of how to download the materials and videos.

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