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Equipping you to Join Jesus in His Mission

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Welcome to The Rooftop Academy

The Rooftop Academy is an online equipping hub that is integral to The Rooftop Movement and provides resources that will equip you to Join Jesus in His Mission.

Rev Dennis Pethers, The Rooftop“Many Christians have a desire to Join Jesus in His Mission but have never been equipped. The Rooftop Academy is filled with materials that will equip you, whoever you are, to be able to join Jesus in His Mission and share the gospel with people who are beyond the walls of the church.”

Dennis Pethers, Founder and International Pioneer

Joining Jesus in His Mission

Luke 19:10 “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”

When Jesus engaged in His Mission, He didn’t come to the world, construct a building and invite people to come along and listen to Him preach His message. His mission took place among people. He went to people where they were and as they were and shared His message ‘beyond the walls’.

He didn’t do it alone! He called people to be His disciples and day-by-day He equipped them to Join Him in His Mission.

Then, he sent the disciples to ‘make disciples’ – an ever-increasing number of people that would be equipped to Join Jesus in His Mission all over the world.

If you are willing to Join Jesus in His Mission it is very likely that you need to be equipped. The Rooftop Academy online equipping hub has been created for that purpose – to equip you as a disciple of Jesus Christ so that you can Join Jesus in His Mission and make disciples of people who are beyond the walls of the church. To enable this we have created a variety of equipping resources.

Equipping you to Join Jesus in His Mission

The Rooftop Academy is continually creating resources that will equip and enable followers of Jesus to be effective in making disciples.

The Rooftop Academy materials:

  • are primarily written to be used in a small-group context but can be adapted for use in one-on-one or personal learning.
  • have been arranged under the three ‘steps’ of The Rooftop process. There is no prescribed order for using these materials. Rather:
    • You may select the materials that are appropriate as you make progress.
    • You do not have to use all of the materials!

The most helpful way to begin is with The Rooftop Core Materials.

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Working through the core materials will help you to understand WHAT the mission of Jesus is and WHY you should join Him in His Mission.

These core materials are critical to the process of being equipped as they focus on motivation and help us to gain a new perspective and desire to Join Jesus in His Mission.

Once you have completed the core materials you will find further equipping resources that fall under the three headings that reflect the steps of The Rooftop process, these are: Encounter, Engage, Expand.

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The Rooftop Core Materials usually consist of 12 small group gatherings (including The Rooftop Encounter). However, it is advisable to be flexible as the transformative nature of The Rooftop process frequently results in more time being required.


When you know what the mission of Jesus is and why you should join Him it is very likely that you will need to be equipped in HOW to do this.

We have created a variety of materials that will EQUIP you in the HOW to ENCOUNTER GOD, ENGAGE AND EXPAND.

Step One: Encounter

It all begins with an Encounter with God.

During this encounter you will seek a fresh vision of God’s heart for the lost.

Step Two: Engage

Engage with lost people who are beyond the walls of the church.

Following The Rooftop Encounter you we will be equipped to engage with lost people beyond the walls of the church.

Step 3: Expand

Expand the Kingdom by making disciples who make disciples.

As new people become followers of Christ you will equip these to reach others.


The Rooftop is a process NOT a program. The core and equipping materials can be used over and over again to envision and equip new people that join the church and to ensure that we all ‘stay on Mission’ with Jesus.

Keep Going

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In addition there is an area for Leaders where a number of resources have been included.

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