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Update from Dennis Pethers, International Pioneer.

It was great to lead a Rooftop Encounter with leaders from across Bexley yesterday evening. The gathering was organised by the London Mission Collective and it was so good to have Andy Frost from LMC taking part in the leadership of this ‘Encounter with God’. The Rooftop is working in close collaboration with the London Mission Collective ( as we build up to The Multi-City Rooftop Encounter at Pentecost 2018, London will be a key city as part of this.

As the leaders prayed and asked the Lord to help them to see what He sees when they look at their community their was a tangible sense of God’s presence. The feedback that followed was so inspiring and challenging. One of the ladies that shared began by saying, “I am not sure if I can tell you what the Lord said to me without crying,” this feeling was echoed by many and there was a realisation that if we see what the Lord sees when He looks at the world then tears will be inevitable!

The core theme that ran through what was shared was the need for us to see the urgency of Jesus’ mission and how we must let His passion burn in us all and cause us to engage with the vast number of people who live with no knowledge of Jesus. One man said “There are so many young people across the borough who are filling their lives with things that do them harm. When Jesus looks at these people who are harming themselves, we MUST let them know about Jesus!”

It was a significant gathering and God’s timing was perfect as the Churches Together in Bexley are about to begin a 24/7 prayer chain across all of the churches in the Borough.

Praise God!

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